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INSZoom - Subscribe to e-Consent

Subscribe to e-Consent

Are you in need of a dynamic consent-capture service? INSZoom e-Consent allows you to require acceptance of any type of Terms of Use.


What is e-Consent?

It is a consent capture feature that provides the INSZoom user the ability to create custom consents and apply them to specific corporations or clients. It also contains a version history, which is report-able - ensuring that you are aware of who has consented to what.

Why do I need e-Consent?

It's a great feature to verify that any given user has consented to any type of Terms of Service or Statement of Truthfulness. This way, if there is a question as to whether information provided was consented to, there is a record for it.

Looking to subscribe to our e-Consent module? Here's how!

First, head to 'Setup' and then 'Subscriptions':


Select 'e-Consent' in the left-side menu:

Once the subscription request has been made, our accounts team will contact your org admin to confirm the e-Consent subscription. After we have received the confirmation, e-Consent will be enabled for your account. Here's what you'll see upon logging in after having it activated:

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