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INSZoom - Set Up Case Number Auto-Generation

Set Up Case Number Auto-Generation

Customize the case number generator


This setting can be used to automatically generate file numbers whenever a new case is created. Organizations may want to use a specific numbering convention for their cases.  

To change the auto-generated case numbers, go to Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings> Organization Settings>Client> Auto File Number Generation Settings.

Click Edit.  

Select Auto-Generate.

Now users may semi-customize their case numbering. For simple numbering by year:

Set File Number Prefix to the current year, i.e. 2019. Note: this will need to be changed every year, as this number does not increment.

Set the Next File Number.  This second set of numbers auto-increments, so if you have a dash (ie mm-###), the last 3 digits will increment first.

If you want to use month and # of cases in a month, you would need to set this at MM-01 every month, changing at close of business on the last day of the month. For example, if your numbering system is to reflect the number of cases per month per year, the sequence would be (example March 2019):

Prefix: 2019   Next File Number: 03-001


To start the numbering from 0 in April, you'll need to change the Next File Number field to 04-001.

Otherwise, the Next File number could simply be a number that will begin incrementing with the next case created.  If you know that you've already created 233 cases in the current year, then enter 234 in the Next File Number field.

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