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INSZoom - Professional Edition: Before Getting Started - Super Admin Step 1

Professional Edition: Before Getting Started - Super Admin Step 1

Organization, Staff, System, Form and Email Settings


Before beginning to use INSZoom, the Super Admin should set up the Organization, User and System settings. Use the navigation provided to open each section.

If you have questions, click the (?) or (i) icons to learn more about each setting and the options available.  

Create a list of any settings you don't understand and contact Support for assistance.


Org Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Org Settings +

Org Settings

  • INSZoom Org: ID (Not editable)
  • Organization Name
  • Tax ID
  • Website
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Agreement Policy
  • Office Address
  • Address on Forms:


Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Email

Miscellaneous Settings:

  • Authentication for Emails - This is a security setting for the questionnaire Email. If authentication is enabled, your clients will have to enter a user ID and password to view the questionnaires.  
  • Email CC to Corporation - This feature allows you to customize your Email cc settings. If set to "Yes", whenever a Case status Email is sent, by default the cc copy of the Email is sent to the Corporation contact persons also. If set as "No", by default the Email is sent only to the Client.
  • Use Secure path for emailing Forms/Questionnaires - This will allow you to set the secure path while Emailing the Forms/Questionnaires. While opening the Email, your Client can open it in the secure site.
  • Send Email for Completed Steps - If this option is set to "Yes" then system will send an Email to all the Case managers and step managers of that Case regarding the step status once the step is made as completed. Be aware – that’s a LOT of emails!
  • Default Email for employee – Employee’s email address
  • Send Email CC for Client Supervisor - If this feature is enabled, you can CC the email to the Client supervisor. This allows the Client supervisor to receive the email sent to your Client.
  • Send Questionnaire and Docs Check List when Case created - If this feature is enabled, the system will Email Questionnaires and Docs Check list to your Client when a new Case is created.
  • Send email to Case Managers when Case Receipt number is added - When a receipt number of a Case is added in the INSZoom application, then the Case managers associated with that Case would receive an Email.
  • Send Email as attachment for forms and questionnaires - This feature allows you to send Email as an attachment for Case forms and Questionnaires so that the links sent to your FN's in your Email does not get corrupted.
  • Zoom Email alert font settings - This feature is used to set the font for Zoom Email alerts. If you are using Lotus Notes for Email communications, then Courier Font is recommended.
  • Send email communication to client - If this option is set to "Yes" then by default "To" field in all the Compose Email pages related to your Client will contain his Email address else if the option is set as "No" then "To" field will contain the Email address of the contact persons of the Corporation.
  • Default System Email Access - Provides access to users in the HR or FN Portals; options are Firm only, Corporation Only, Client Only or All


Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Form+ 

  • Default Access Period for Forms - set the default access period for your clients on all emailed forms, questionnaires and to-dos in terms of month values ranging from 1 to 24. If you don’t pick a value for the default access period, the application will automatically give an access of 15 days.
  • Form Font Settings – This setting affects the entire organization, so you should decide what font first, then make the change. Setting the font here prevents you from having to change the font settings every time you open a form.
  • Form Addendum Settings - Sets the defaults for Addendums; include signature, terms to refer to addendums on Forms (i.e., Refer to the attached Addendum), the number of characters in a form to limit in a field before sending data to the addendum and set the default type - addendum with partial or full data.
  • Form Email Settings - Using this tool, users may can customize the Email Form Settings as per your regular usage. You can set various default parameters for Emailing forms. These options may be changed in the “compose email” process flow.
  • Form Misc Settings - This feature tracks the changes made to a form from the moment they are created or any changes in the existing forms from the moment this feature is enabled.

 Case Managers Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Case Managers+ 

  • Allow Editing Payment Date - Restrict or allow case managers to edit their settings and email alert preference; restrict or allow case managers to edit invoice payment dates
  • Case Manager Teams – create teams of attorneys, case managers, staff

 Client Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Client+

  • Auto File Number Generation Settings - This setting can be used to automatically generate file numbers, when new Employees/Foreign nationals are added in the system. If this setting is enabled, when new Employees/Foreign nationals are added, a pop up showing the next file number will be displayed.
  • Client Login Settings - This is used to set default login settings for a Client/Corporation, when a new Client/Corporation is created.If the indicator is set as 'Yes' then by default Client/Corporation will have login access, while creating new Client/Corporation. This can be changed when the Client/Corporation is being created. You may want to consider turning this off.
  • Client Creation Questionnaire - replace current predefined Client creation screen with a custom screen.Eligible for Family and Beneficiary accounts
  • Configure Relationship - This feature enables you to select the required relation that should appear in ‘Relation’ dropdown list of any Client.

 Global Partners

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Global Partners +

  • Vendor Portal -If you sub-contract to other attorneys outside of your organization, you can create a vendor portal that will allow them to access only their assigned clients and cases. You can also assign their staff member as a case manager if necessary.
  • e-Filing/e-Tracking - Set up a link to your FedEx Account, USCIS Login, USCIS e-File Login and ICERT login. Each case manager can also set up their personal logins for USCIS.

System Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>System Settings+ 

  • Time Zone Settings - Sets the Organization time zone
  • Upload Logos - Create header/footer for letters and emails
  • Date Display Format - Set the default date display mm/dd/yyyy or MMM/dd/yyyy/tt
  • Display Reply Button - This is used to determine the position of the 'Click Here to Reply' link in Email.
  • Excluded document expiration notifications - choose which documents needed to be included in the document expiration alert email
  • Misc Settings - a list of settings for case managers and other staff; see related article for details
  • Org Terms - assign the organization term for the Client or Corporation or Relative or Firm or Headquarter or Case Request or Petition labels or Case or Country of that Firm. These appear in the navigation menu
  • Extranet Access for Shipping - enables you to select the Extranet Access for your Firm while adding Shipping/Mailing Log info.The option set here will be the default extranet access for your Firm when a new shipping/mailing log is added.
  • Upload Banner - Using this tool the Firm administrator can upload the banner for your Firm. This banner will be displayed as a header at the top of your INSZoom screen
  • Working Days List-set the working days in a week for the organization.

 Security Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Org Settings>Security Settings

Set up the security settings for all staff members:

  • Invalid Login Attempts Allowed - the number of times a user can attempt to log in before being locked out
  • Password expiration - Set the interval for resetting passwords
  • No. of Passwords Remembered: should be set to 1
  • Locked Users – persons you’ve locked out of the system or who have locked themselves out.
  • Alt Address - Fields for alternate address, i.e., PO Box, satellite office, etc.
  • Declaration - firms may upload their personal declaration

Billing Settings

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Billing Settings+

  • Accept Credit Cards - set up the credit cards accepted by your firm
  • Dates to Generate Periodical Statements – set up the dates for receiving the periodical billing statements.
  • Billing Email Settings - create two default settings - request view receipt and authorize online payment
  • Hourly Rates of all Case Managers - based on your access rights, edit or view the Hourly Rate charged by each Case Manager of your Firm.If you are using timers, this will automatically calculate charges based on time.
  • Uploaded logos for invoices - logos that are used when creating invoice templates
  • Default Access Period for Emailed Invoices - set the default number of days a client can access their invoice online

 My Settings – Access Rights

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>My Settings+>Access Rights

  • View and edit your individual settings
  • View and edit your access to Accounting Databases

 Email Alert Preferences

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>Email Alert Preferences

  • Alerts for the day – set what alerts you want to receive daily; advance alerts sends an email about the next day’s appointments and activities, People Greeting is Birthday greetings
  • Invoice alerts – Determine if you want to know in advance of all invoice due dates and overdue due dates
  • Marked for Delete - Set if you’d like to be notified of a corporation, client or case is deleted.
  • Corporate/Client/Case Inactive – If you’d like to be notified if a corporation, client or case is set to active or inactive
  • Case Related Alerts – Sends a notification if a case manager or case step is added or removed
  • Other Email Notifications – set up other personal email settings
  • Document Alerts – Set up to receive emails for document expirations – daily for all or daily for only if a document is expiring as well as other document types and advanced notification days.

My Favorites

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Advanced Settings>My Favorites

  • Emails – Receive bcc on all emails (Email Editor Preference is going away soon)
  • Login - Reset your password or login id
  • My INSZoom - Set the preferences on a number of settings for yourself and/or the entire staff.

 Name and Address on Forms

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Information

  • Name On Forms - Firm name as it will appear on forms
  • Address On Forms - Organization address as it will appear on forms
  • Terms of Use - create or upload your terms of use

 Contact Types

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Contacts>Contact Types

Create Contact Types - create categories of contact types

 Birthday Greeting Settings

Navigation: Set>Settings>Organization Tools>4. Setup Tools>Birthday Greeting Settings  All settings in this section relate to automated birthday greetings to your clients, prospects or corporate employees:

  • Enable/Disable
  • From
  • To
  • Status
  • Message Format
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Message Display
  • Signature
  • Send Mail
  • Attach File
  • Attach Template

Intake Sheet Templates

Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>4. Setup Tools>Intake Sheet Templates

  • Add/Remove/Re-sequence steps Prospect Intake Questionnaire Items
  • Attach (Upload) Prospect Intake Sheet questionnaire


Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>Emails

  • Outlook Inbox – If you subscribe to email sync, this is where you’ll view your Outlook inbox.
  • Zoom Inbox – Emails sent from FN and HR Portals to you
  • Zoom Sent Emails – Emails sent by you from INSZoom
  • Unassigned Emails – If you subscribed to email sync, emails that don’t include the case id in the subject line are viewed here.

Vendor Access

Navigations: Setup>Settings>Org Tools>Vendor Access

Users may customize the tabs for Vendor Case Manager/s of the Firm. When Vendor Case Manager logs in, the tab/s that are checked will be visible. The unchecked tab/s will not be visible.

 Add On Tools

Navigation: Navigation: Setup>Settings>Organization Tools>7. Add On Tools

The following items are all add-on tools that you must subscribe to in order to have access

  • Outlook Sync – syncs your outlook email with INSZoom
  • Quickbook Integration - Allows for Quickbooks to "talk" to INSZoom
  • Quickbook Clients - uploads Quickbook Clients
  • LCA Determination – enable LCA Determination module (billable)


Navigation: Setup>Knowledgebase>5. Utilities>Shortcuts


The Super Admin can add/remove menu items from their menus and sub-menus in each module.They can also add/remove menu items for all staff members and set their default shortcuts.

 Useful Links

Navigation: Setup>Help>Useful Links

You can add links to sites you use often. We’ve already added many under Zoom-Defined; you can add items such as your business website, a link to your prospect intake sheet etc.

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