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INSZoom - Linking Countries

Linking Countries

Here are the steps of linking different countries to a Case Manager after they have been enabled by INSZoom Accounts Team.


First, go to 'My Settings' >> 'My INSZoom' and select 'Country(s)' and select 'Mine':

Here's where all your currently linked countries are found. To add a new country, select 'Add' and then mark the check-box for the country you wish to add:

Note: the 'Other' option is only available to the Super User/Administrator with the access rights to change other's settings.


If you want to set this new country as the default country for your cases, go to 'My Settings' >> 'My INSZoom' and then select 'Default Country'. Change the drop-down to the country you want and click 'Save':


Now, when you open a new case this country will be selected by default. You'll be able to select a different country in the drop-down as well:

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