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Global Forms Framework



What is Global Forms Framework?

Global Forms Framework provides ability for firms to process inbound applications and track immigration records for countries in addition to USA and Canada. This enables multiple countries to be part of your INSZoom Application.


What are its benefits?

Whether your law firm supports immigration in the US, Asia-Pacific, or Europe, INSZoom Global Framework provides a single immigration platform that you can leverage for your clients all over the world.

Subscription to a country gives a a case manager access to the following:

  • Create and manage inbound cases for the subscribed country.
  • Add and track global status documents of a Foreign National. (such as, Entry Visa, Resident Permit, Permanent Residency etc.) 
  • Run reports and view intelligent reporting dashboards.
  • Access to available Forms library for the subscribed country.**
  • Access to Zoom defined Process (baseline) and Questionnaire templates and ability to create custom templates.

** Availability of Forms varies from country to country.


How do I get started?

The global forms framework is a subscription based offering available exclusively for Enterprise clients.

To get started go to Setup > Click on Subscriptions > Click on 'Subscribe/Upgrade' under for Global Forms Framework > Select the desired Country(ies) from the dropdown menu and click Add Subscription. A representative from INSZoom will reach out to you for further processing.

Global Country subsc.png

Once the subscription is enabled, you will be able to create cases and add status documents for the subscribed country.