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INSZoom - Create and Complete Tasks

Create and Complete Tasks

Tasks create a list of actions to take daily

Tasks are actions or reminders to help keep your cases on track.  Users may create tasks for themselves or for other staff members.  They can be added at the Prospect, Corporation, Client or Case levels, or in the Calendar sub-menu section 5 - Tasks and events.

There are three types of tasks:

  • To-Do - To-do tasks do not have a time constraint; they do not appear on the calendar.
  • Deadline - Deadlines are reminders that a task must be completed by the deadline date.
  • Other - Any other type of task that you want to create.

Tasks are only accessible through the Tasks workspace or if you have added the Task To Do tile to your Zoomboard.

Add a Task

From the Corporation, Client or Case Info page, select Tasks in the Communications section of the sub-menu.  (Users may also go to Calendar/Appointments and Activities/Tasks) In this example, we started at Client Level.

  • Select Client from the list
  • Click Tasks in the sub-menu
  • Click Add New Task
  • Select the Task type
  • Enter the task Details
  • Enter the Due Date
  • Select Private or Public
  • Assign to person completing the task
  • Click Save

The task renders in a list for (in this example) the client selected.

Complete a Task

From the Task Info Page:

  • Open the task
  • Click Edit
  • Click the check box next to Completed
  • Click Save

When the page refreshes, a check mark under Status indicates the task is complete.

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