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INSZoom - Adding Tags to Documents and Images

Adding Tags to Documents and Images

Tags help you find what you're looking for faster!

Tagging Documents

At Client and Case level, users may "tag" individual documents and photos.  Tags are keywords that can be used to filter and search for types of information.  Instead of creating a folder for each document or image, users can assign up to 6 tags to each item. INSZoom has created a list of tags compiled from our industry clients.  

Note: Tags are classified by country. Country-specific tags only appear in case level. At Client level all the tags will be shown.

  • From the Client or Case Info page, select Documents from the sub menu.


  • Click the Add Tag button adjacent to any item in the Check List.


  • Click the + icon to add additional tags.  


Removing Tags

A tag can be removed by clicking on the cross-mark (x) in the tag.