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INSZoom - Linking Documents and Images to the Docs Check List

This article will guide you with the instructions for adding uploaded items to the docs check list.

Linking Documents and Images to the Docs Check List

If you use the Docs Check List as part of your workflow, you'll want to make sure all items show as "Received" before submitting the petition.

From the Case Info page, select Docs Check List from the sub-menu. In this example, 3 items on our checklist have not been marked as received.

Click the Upload link to the right of a line item.

A new pop-up renders. Click Upload New Doc if the item is not in the list.

An Upload Documents pop-up renders.  Enter a description, select a folder and browse for the document.  Click Upload Documents.


We are still working with a single line item in Docs Check List, so when the page refreshes, select Attach Digital Doc.  The page will refresh, showing the line item in Received status.

If you already uploaded the docs and just need to link them to the docs list, the process is slightly different.  From the Docs Check List page, click Upload next to a line item.  Place a check next to the item you want to link, then click Attach Digital Doc.

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