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INSZoom - Petition Package Assembly & Print

This Overview demonstrates the process of Petition Package Assembly & Print

View, sequence, and print all documents and files for an application

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Users may now view, sequence, and print all documents and files at once using the new “Assemble” link at the case level.  This feature allows you to select forms, letters, and supporting documents from a list to print.  The feature will also bar users from selecting those documents that cannot be printed, like online forms, barcode forms, letter drafts, and any items not in printable form. 

Additional features include: 

  • resequencing rows 
  • group documents by type or by stakeholder 
  • one-page view (no pagination) 
  • print or save the package as a pdf to the server 
  • listing all print transactions by transaction date 
  • listing of users who created the package by date 
  • the ability to recreate the package with updated forms 
  • the ability to add Corporation and foreign national level supporting documents.
  • Add a page or letter template on-demand. (for Addendum, Exhibits)
  • the ability to 'Add All' forms and Letters.
  • View Form, Letter and Documents Status

Note: Before you can use this feature, all forms must have been filled out. 

 In the Case Profile sub-menu, select Forms. 

  • Above the list of forms on the right side of the page, select Package for Filing
  • A new tab will render. Using the left-hand menu, click the plus icon to add forms to your print queue. 
  • Beneath the forms list, select any letters or supporting documents to add to the package. 
  • Forms and docs selected will be listed in the center of the screen. Click Assemble
  • A pdf will render, displaying all the selected items as one document. Click the print icon.