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INSZoom - Docs Check List for Corporations

This article will guide you on how to request documents from corporations

Docs Check List for Corporations

Follow the below steps to request documents for a Case from Corporation:

  1. Go to the Corporation Case list and select your case.
  2. Under Docs Check List, you'll see a section from [Corporation]. This is the list of documents needed from the Corporation.


  1. Select "Email Checklist" from the drop-down menu.


  1. Click "Choose Recipients".


  1. Put a check mark next to "To" Corporation.
  2. Click "Done".


Scroll to the message field and create your message either by typing in the message field or using an email or letter template.

Beneath the message box

  • Check Include docs checklist
  • Check Client can upload documents.  
  • Click the "Select Docs Check List" link. Select only the items you're requesting from the Corporation. (or check All)
  • Click "Done".


Choose a different email option located below the message box, and once you've finished, click the "Send Email" button.

Request Documents for a Prospect:

To request documents from a prospective or new corporation outside of a case request, users may create an email template that includes the list of documents and a link to upload them.

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