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INSZoom - Docs Check List for Corporations

This article will guide you on how to request documents from corporations

Docs Check List for Corporations

Request Documents for a Case:

To request documents from a Corporation, go to the Corporation Case list and select your case. Under Docs Check List, you'll see a section from [Corporation]. This is the list of documents needed from the Corporation.

  • Select Compose Email from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Go
  • Click Choose Recipients
  • Put a check mark next to To Corporation
  • Click Done

Scroll to the message field and create your message either by typing in the message field or using an email or letter template.

Beneath the message box

  • Check Include Docs Checklist
  • Check Client Can Upload Documents.  
  • Click the Select Docs Check List link . Select only the items you're requesting from the Corporation. (or check All)
  • Click Done.

Select any other email options underneath the message box and when you're done click Send Email.

Request Documents for a Prospect

To request documents from a prospective or new corporation outside of a case request, users may create an email template that includes the list of documents and a link to upload them.

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