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INSZoom - Creating a Starter Kit Email

This article will guide you on how to creating a starter kit email

Creating a Starter Kit Email

Save time and effort by creating a pre-defined welcome email campaign.

Email kit – setup at the petition template level.

Follow the below steps to create starter kit email:

  1. Go to Setup, click Knowledgebase.
  2. Click Petition Templates and select a template.
  3. Click Starter Kit Email from Petition Info.



Petitioner is either the employer or the individual who is the primary beneficiary.

Beneficiaries are who are receiving the service requested:

Add – Create an email template or copy/paste from your existing templates to create a new template.

Attach email template – Create email template first.

Ask the client – Do you want to set up an automatic email to send out when a case is created? Do this first.