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Canadian Forms Management Update (4/17/19)

Changes to the functions and process to creating, and generating, Canadian forms.

All Canadian barcode forms will now contain only four options on the main forms list page: 'Fill', 'BARCODE', 'Delete', and 'Refresh'.

Once you click 'Fill', the pop-up form will contain three buttons: 'Save and Draft', 'Validate and Print', and 'Close'. Make sure that once you open the form, you go through and enter in all the required fields.

  • Save and Draft : Entered data can be saved into the form by clicking on the 'Save' icon. This will not check to make sure all required fields have been filled, instead, it is simply a 'Save' option. Tool Tip Message says: "Save the data filled into the form (No validation)."
  • Validate and Print : This will check all the required fields, and if they are all entered, it will download the form with barcodes. If there are missing fields, it will alert you to those fields.
  • Close: Close the form.

Once the data has been entered you can down load the form with the validated barcode in order to upload it to the government website.

Validated forms can also be downloaded by clicking on the 'BARCODE' icon, which is available in the forms list page.

Please Note: Any changes made in the downloaded form will not be reflected in the respective location in INSZoom. You will need to go in and manually update any info you changed in the downloaded form..


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