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Getting Started with GCD for Word

This how-to article provides users with details on requirements, login, and installation for the GCD for Word plugin.

Getting Started with GCD for Word

GCD for Word (“GfW”) is a plugin for Microsoft Word® for Windows that provides integration with GCD for Word allows GCD users to save documents directly from Word to GCD, create and save new versions of documents to GCD, lock and unlock GCD documents, and use GCD’s document assembly tools to generate new documents incorporating GCD data. 

Installing GCD for Word

  1. To install GCD for Word, first exit Word.
  2. Download the installation program from this URL: https://secure.gettingcontractsdone....Word/setup.exe 
  3. Locate the file upon download and run the .exe file.
  4. Proceed through the installer as per the directions shown. Once GCD for Word is installed, you can login as detailed below.
    Note: If you see an error message when opening Word that contains language such as “Could not load file or assembly,” you will need to exit Word and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. To install .NET 4, download the installer from this URL: 
  5. Open Word to begin using GCD for Word plugin.

Logging into GCD

Once you have successfully installed GfW, the GCD panel will appear as a vertical bar on the right-hand side of each document-editing window.

This is the collapsed position. If you are not editing a GCD document, the panel will be collapsed. To open the panel, click on the expansion button at the top (“<<”).

When prompted, enter your GCD username and password into the pop-up window. If you are not prompted automatically, expand the collapsed sidebar and click Login to GCD at the bottom of the window. 

Requirements for GCD

GCD for Word requires 32-bit Microsoft Word® for Windows 2003 or later. GCD for Word is compatible with 64-bit Windows, provided that a 32-bit version of Microsoft Word® is installed.

Word 2007 or later is recommended. As of GCD 2.2, GCD plug-ins are compatible with Office 2016.

No version is currently available for Macintosh users. Storage and memory requirements are minimal. GfW requires a broadband Internet connection.


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