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Release Notes v3.17.0

April 2020

About This Release

This release has introduced new features in ContractRoom that improve the performance and usability of the platform. It has implemented a new Headers and Footers functionality, an Auto-Assignment feature to one-member Queues, and a new Queues Notification Settings Module for Admin Users. It also has added a search bar tool in the Framework Builder, fixes some bugs, and has done general improvements.


New Features

  • Headers and Footers: Allows users to set Headers and Footers for Cover Pages and the Body of the Framework, improving the previous functionality.
  • Queues Notification Settings: Allows Admin Users to customize the notifications that the system sends to users and adapt them to their preference.


  • Added a search bar to the Framework Builder. This improvement helps users find Frameworks more easily by performing a manual search.
  • Implemented an Auto-Assignment functionality for one-member Queues. Assigned automatically a task to the only existing member of a Queue.
  • Improved the general content of the email messages and notifications that ContractRoom sends to users.

Bug Fixes

This release fixed the following issues:

  • The parent-child relationship of agreement requests is lost when the request recipient creates a child agreement of the original request.
  • OCR bugs.
  • Special characters appear in the agreement footer when downloading a PDF document.
  • Some sections disappear when changing the order of the contract editor left panel.
  • Multiple minor bugs.
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