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Release Notes v3.15.0

March 2020

About This Release

This release has integrated Approval Queues—a feature that allows users to create workflows where they can assign approval tasks to groups of users—and added it in the Task Queues page. It also improved the general UI and workflow of the platform, fixes minor bugs, and boosts platform performance.

New Features

Full integration of the Approval feature in the Task Queues page.


  • The Task Management page now shows the status indicator correctly and hides all the withdrawn or closed documents.
  • The Queues page allows you to manage and identify your tasks using different parameters.
  • Now, when reassigning the Controller role, the new Controller does not have to re-approve changes.
  • General upgrades to the navigation and UI in the platform:
    • Changes to the visualization of the Child-Parent Documents in the Agreement Listing.
    • Changes to the wording and appearance of different modal screens when creating requests.

Bug Fixes

This release fixed the following issues:

  • Not-required tags were assigned to the Document Controller after reassignment.
  • Workflow rules were triggered when someone edited a section with no assigned rules.
  • Group tags caused malfunctions in the approval and Approval Queues processes.
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