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Release Notes v3.7.1

May 2019

About This Release

This release has added new features and changes that extend the usability of the platform by adding new download options, improving the negotiation flow, and speeding up the negotiation process.

New Features

  • Users can now download ongoing Agreements as Microsoft Word documents with change tracking enabled.
  • Users can now download a completed (closed, signed, or accepted) Agreement as a PDF file, as a DOCX file, or as both, if the framework allows it.
  • Admins can enable the option to download completed documents as both PDF and DOCX files.


  • The platform uses enhanced language for notification emails.
  • The platform now displays only the available download and edit options for each framework.
  • The process to send an Agreement to negotiation to a counterparty is now faster.
  • Users can now use any language besides English as the default language in their browser.


Fixed the Comments section in the editor showing content other than comments, and fixed multiple bugs.

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