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Sending an email reminder to a counterparty

In this article we show you the steps to send an email reminder to the people participating in your negotiation who still have pending items they need to take action on


After completing this how-to you will have sent out an email reminder from EraCLM to your Counterparty to make him/her aware of an agreement that needs his/her attention


  • While working from your agreements list, select the agreement you want to send an email reminder to its counterparty (don't click on the name, it will open the agreement)

  • A small menu will appear at the top the of the list of agreements
  • Click the "Resend email reminders" option


After applying the steps above, the counterparty (and any other person the agreement is pending on) will get an email notification similar to the one below asking them to log into the system and take care of the items that are pending on them.


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