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Definition, Description or Meaning

Unassigned Documents

The area in Indexing Studio (viewed in the Workspace pane) which holds all documents that have not been assigned to particular Data Definitions.

Universal Converter (Unicon)

A general purpose conversion utility (available in Management Studio's Configuration, Automated Indexing Options, Watched Folder Configuration window), which uses a script language capable of adding and removing strings of characters (before indexing), according to criteria defined in the scripts, to produce files which DataStoreDSX can index.


A person who has been given a DataStoreDSX log-in account. A user can belong to one or more Groups and Roles.

User's Log-in Activity

The display of a selected user's log-in activity in Management Studio. For example: Last successful log-in, Last failed log-in, etc.

Utilities - Pre-Conversion (see "Pre-conversion Configuration")

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