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Definition, Description or Meaning

Text Field (see "String Field")


Text Field Validation (see "Validation")


Text Searching (see "Full Text Searching")


Text Sub-searching (see "Sub-Searching")



Miniature, and re-sizable, views of a document’s pages.

Time & Date Field (see "Base Field Type")


Time Slot

A Time Slot is the daily, weekly, monthly, etc., start and end times set within a Schedule's Duration. For example: every Saturday and Sunday in the first week of the Month, from 01:00 am to 06:00 am.


(See also, "Attachments Toolbar")

A grouped selection of tool icons displayed in Management Studio and Searching Client.

Toolbars - Mini (see "Mini Toolbars")


Tools Menu

(See also, "Options Menu")

A main menu bar option in Management Studio and Searching Client which contains various display and confirmation options.

ToolTip and Help Text

Helpful text that is displayed when the mouse pointer is rolled over an Index Field, Custom Field or a Search Template.

Transaction Boundary

Transaction Boundaries use the values of Transaction Fields to define the start or end of a Transaction. Transaction Boundaries are only available for Transaction Fields. They are set in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor when creating or editing a Data Definition.

Transaction Fields

Transaction Fields are data fields which are created in Data Definitions. They are contained in, and related to, Documents (i.e. Reports, NOT pages) and display the results of transactions in Documents. A Data Definition must have at least one Document Level Field in order for Transaction Groups and Transaction Group Fields to be supported.

Transaction Groups

Transaction Groups are Transaction Fields which have been grouped together. They model the hierarchical relationship between reports’ different Transaction Groups.

Transformation (see "Index Field Value Transformation")


Tree View

A hierarchical view of specific content (Data Definitions, Search Templates, Storage, Users, etc.) which can be expanded and contracted to reveal more or less content.

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