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Definition, Description or Meaning


To retain a newly created object or the changes made to an existing object, setting, value, property, template, configuration option, etc.

Scan (see "Scanning")


Scanner Settings

The area under Indexing Studio’s Scanning tab, which holds the Add, Edit, Delete and Configure Scanner settings options.


The process of manually acquiring documents (in Indexing Studio) by the use of a scanner, for future indexing and storing.

Scanning Documents (see "Scanning")



The Duration and Time Slot set in Active Directory Synchronisation, Full Text Indexing and Retention Policy creation.

Screen Font (see "Font")


Search Assistant

(Originally ISF - Independent Search Field)

Search Assistant (added to a Search Template in the Search Template Editor), provides a way to perform more advanced searches, using SQL, C# and VB scripts, which enhance the searching process. Because SAs are resolved at search time, they are a solution for finding data that has changed.

Search Field

A search field is a field created in a Search Template (and associated with, or linked to, one or more Data Definitions) which returns all relevant indexed data. Search Fields can be Base Field Types, Custom Fields, Auditable Fields, Independent Search Fields, etc.

Search Parameter Choices

Various Search Field Property Options (added to a Search Template in the Search Template Editor), which enable the searching user (in Searching Client) to select indexed search parameter choices. These can be from: a Picklist, any configured Allowed Values for the Linked Data Definition Field or Custom Field Type or, from a Specific List of Choices entered during the Search Template’s Creation.

Search Template

A Search Template is associated with at least one Data Definition. It is used to define Search Fields, which are used by the Searching Client, to enable previously indexed and stored information and documents to be found.

Searchable - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Depot is searchable, its contents can be searched.


Examining the contents of a Depot, Folder, File, etc., for a particular value or set of values.

Searching - Full Text (see "Full Text Searching")


Security (see "Permissions")


Segregation Rules

A Segregation Rule specifies when new Depots should be created and can be defined using different metadata criteria. For example: date, data definition, user, max depot size, etc.


The process of choosing (either by highlighting or clicking) an object, function, menu item, etc., before applying a change, or performing an action.

Service Settings, Purge (see "Core Purge Service Settings")


Set up (see "Configure")


Shortcut Keys (see "Keyboard Shortcut keys")



A button which provides the option to display or conceal an associated view, dialog section, etc.

Simultaneous Processing

The number of documents that can be indexed and processed at the same time.

In DataStoreDSX (by default), this is directly proportional to the number of processor cores +1.

Size (of Device or Depot)

The actual (or relative, i.e. percentage) storage capacity of a storage device or depot. Usually reported in gigabytes (GB).

Slider (Zoom) Control

An on-screen control, used to increase or decrease the magnification of the currently displayed document.

Sort (see "Sorting")



The process of changing a displayed numerical or alphabetical list (usually by clicking on a table heading) to rearrange its contents, so that the items are displayed in numeric order (Lowest to Highest or Highest to Lowest value), or in alphabetic order (A to Z or Z to A). Clicking the header again usually reverses the sort order.

Splitting Documents (see "Combining and Splitting Documents")


SQL - Index Assistant

(See also, "Index Assistant")

An Index Assistant written in SQL code.

SQL - Search Assistant

(See also, "Search Assistant")

A Search Assistant written in SQL code.

Stamps - Adding

(See also, "Attachments")

The process of adding a stamp on the results' pages (in Searching Client) by selecting a stamp option from the Attachments toolbar.


A description of a Depot's current state. For example: Offline/Online, Read-Only/Read-Write, Non-Searchable/Searchable, etc.

Status Bar

The bottom panel in Management Studio’s, Indexing Studio’s and Searching Client’s windows, displaying the logged-on user's name. In Searching Client’s View menu, users have the option to show or hide it by selecting or clearing, respectively, the Status Bar option.

Storage (see "Disk Drive")


Storage Depot (see "Depot")


Storage Device (see "Device")


Store (see "Storing")



The saving of indexed data to the DataStoreDSX server, to enable searching and retrieval.

String Field

A field of information consisting of text only.

Strip Leading Spaces

To remove (blank) spaces from the beginning of a value.

Strip Leading Zeros

To remove zeros from the beginning of a value.

Style Sheet

A Style Sheet is used to define the displayed page’s size and orientation, and to customise the display of Index Fields in Indexing Studio and Searching Client. They can be selected in the On Screen and Printout Presentation sections of Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor.

Sub-Searching (Text)

An additional text searching method which refines a search by returning only documents which meet the original search criteria and also contain the text entered in the sub-search field.

Symbols used in Searching (see "Syntax")



The allowable terms used in searching and their symbols, for example: Wildcard Characters (%, *,

?), Range Operators (>, <, >=) , Equality Operators (=), etc.

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