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Definition, Description or Meaning

Range Operators (see "Logical Operators")


RCA (Resource-Centric Audit) (see "Resource Auditing")


Read-Only - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Storage Depot is Read-Only, its contents cannot be added to, but, its contents can be read.

Read-Write - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Storage Depot is Read-Write, all viewing, changing and adding data functions can be performed on the Depot.

Rearrange (Panes)

The process of changing Indexing Studio's default view.

Redaction (see "Area Redaction")



The option on Management Studio’s Toolbar (and on the View menu on the Main Menu bar), which enables the user to update the currently selected item’s view.

Also, the option on Indexing Studio’s Search tab, which enables the user to update the application's view.

Refresh All

The option on Management Studio’s View menu on the Main Menu bar, which enables the user to update the application's view.

Regex (see "Regular Expression")


Regular Expression

A positional mask, applied on a per-line basis. Unlike DS32 position type masks, DataStoreDSX regular expressions can select multiple lines and columns.

Regular Expression Library

This is the area in Management Studio, where users can save (and edit) their Regular Expressions. The Library is divided into two sections:

1. The Public Library, where the user’s Regular Expressions are available to all users.

2. The Private Library, where the user’s Regular Expressions are only available for their own private use.

Report Mining

The process of enabling users to query and extract (in Searching Client) securely archived transactional information for further analysis, reformatting, spreadsheet creation, etc.


To return to a previously selected value or default setting.

Resolver Settings

(See also, "Presentation")

Resolver settings (configured in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor) enable users to specify the appearance of the displayed information by, for example, providing options for the selection of Style Sheets, Watermarks, Overlays, etc.

Resource Auditing

A Resource Audit is the auditing of events against objects in the system, as opposed to a serial audit of all events to a continuous log.

The DataStoreDSX search functionality is used to retrieve this audit information.

Resource-Centric Audit (see "Resource Auditing")


Restrictions (see "Data Restrictions")


Retention Policy

A policy used as the foundation on which to build a Data Retention Schedule. These schedules run at pre-set time slots and, if required, for a pre-set duration. In documents which meet the policy's criteria, information that is no longer required is deleted.


A corrected, updated or new version of a Document or a Data Definition and Custom Field Type for a template.

Revision History

The view in Management Studio which displays the history of changes made to a Data Definition. From this history view, if required, a user can promote an older revision of a Data Definition to make it the current revision.

Ribbon User Interface

The ribbon user interface is a replacement for traditional menus and toolbars. It logically groups together features and functionality under dedicated Ribbon Tabs.

Right-Click (see "Click")


Right-Click Menu (see "Auxiliary Menu")



A Role is usually created to help manage Permissions and Access Control for Groups and Users. A Role differs from a Group in that a Role can have Members (Groups and Users) but it cannot have a Parent. A Role cannot belong to a Group or another Role.

Rotate (see "Navigation")


Rotation Options (Home Tab)

An option (which is only available for image documents) on Indexing Studio’s Home Ribbon tab, which enables users to select (from three pre-set rotation values: -90, 90 and 180 degrees) and save the rotation of the currently displayed image.

Rotation – Automatic (see "Automatic Rotation (Scanning)")

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