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Definition, Description or Meaning

Page Level Index Field (see "Index Field Levels")


Page Navigation (see "Navigation")


Page Number Display View (see "Navigation")


Page Rotation (see "Navigation")


Page Up and Down (see "Navigation")


Pageable MS Word

An optional Data Definition storage format (displayed under the Storage Formats tab, in the General Properties section of Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor), which can be selected for various MS Word source formats (Word.doc, Word.docm, Word.dotm, etc.).

When Word files are saved in this format, the document pages can be viewed in Searching Client (displayed as pages with thumbnails). This allows the results of content Full Text search, Text Sub-search and Find text in search results to be highlighted in the displayed Word document.


(See also, "Pods")

A window, within an application, which displays information, files, graphics, etc.


(See also, "Device")

A separate storage area created on a Hard Disk Drive (HDD).


A code, used to permit a user access to an option, function or application.


(Portable Document Format)

A file format that represents and displays documents in a manner that is independent of the original software, hardware, operating system, etc., that was used to create the documents.

Pen Highlighting (see "Freehand Pen Highlighting")


Percent/Fixed/Free (see "Free/Fixed/Percent")



Security and authorisation settings, which enable Administrators to allow or deny Users, Groups and or Roles the permission to perform particular operations and tasks.


A window in an application, displaying a list of various available and selectable values. For example (in Searching Client), Index Values - generated from the Indexed Values of Fields - available for index field searching.


An additional program that extends the capabilities of an application. For example: an Importing plug-in to enhance the importing functionality, or a Display plug-in which can change the displayed results from a grid view to an Inventory view.


Dockable Panes (i.e. windows) within an application, which can be moved and locked into their new position to change the default view.


(See also, "Retention Policy")

A course of action adopted and pursued by a Company.

Portable Document Format (see "PDF")


Pre-conversion Configuration

(See also, "Universal Converter")

The option to select various document conversion utilities (available in Management Studio's Configuration, Automated Indexing Options, Watched Folder Configuration window), which can add or remove characters (before indexing), according to pre-defined criteria, to produce files which DataStoreDSX can index.

Pre-conversion has three options:

• EncodingPreConversion converts text into UTF-8 encoding. It has a single int32 property, InputCodePage, specifying the code page of the data to be converted.

• UniconPreConversion uses Unicon to transform a file. It has a single string property, ScriptFileName, containing the full path to the Unicon script file to use.

• AsposePreConversion converts Word documents to PDF, before they are indexed.


There are two configurable Presentation options: On Screen and Printout.

On Screen Presentation defines how the page is displayed on the visual display (the screen).

Printout Presentation defines how the page is printed.


To export information to a printer, in order to produce a paper (hard) copy of that information.

Printing (see "Print")


Printout Presentation (see "Presentation")


Private Library (see "Regular Expression Library")



The process of replacing a newer revision of a Data Definition with an older revision, thus making the older revision current.


Particular attributes belonging to Storage items, Data Definitions, Searching Templates, Users, etc.

Properties (View)

The Properties view displays a quick view of, for example: a Template's details, without the need to open the Template's Editor.

Public Library (see "Regular Expression Library")


Publish (see "Publishing")



The process of making a Data Definition available and usable to all users of Indexing Studio.

A Published Data Definition can also be used to create a Search Template.

Purge Service Settings (see "Core Purge Service Settings")

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