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OCR Manager Setup

The area of Indexing Studio where (when scanning and or importing) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) settings are added, edited and deleted. When configured, OCR Mapping enables you to use the values obtained from an OCR Setting in one or more Index Fields in one or more Data Definitions.

Office Add-in

An additional Microsoft Office program that extends and enhances the capabilities of an application. For example: MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, MS Office PowerPoint, etc.

Offline - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Storage Depot is offline, its contents cannot be added to nor searched.

On Screen Presentation (see "Presentation")


Online - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Storage Depot is online, its status can be fully configured.

Open Button (see "Open in original application")


Open in native application (see "Open in original application")


Open in original application

The Open button option in Searching Client (available when viewing MS Office documents,

i.e. not PDF or Graphic files), enables the user to open the currently viewed document in the application in which it was created. (For example: Word, Excel, etc.)

Operators (see "Logical Operators")


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) (see "OCR Manager Setup")



A set of choices from which you can select an action, setting, function, etc.

Options Menu

A menu (selected from Indexing Studio’s Application’s menu) which provides the user with various Popular and Documents presentation and confirmation options.

OR Search Parameter (see "Logical Operators")


Original Application

(See also, "Open in original application")

The application in which the currently viewed document was created. (For example: Word, Excel, etc.)


(See also, "Watermark")

An option in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor, Presentation, Configuration Options, to display or print an image on all of the pages of a set of documents. For example: an overlay could be a company’s stationery design, logo, etc. An overlay can be set for the screen Display and a different overlay (or the same one) can be set for Printing. The Display Overlay is shown in Searching Client, the Print Overlay is used when Printing a Document from Searching Client.


The process of replacing a pre-set or default value, with another value.

Overwrite (see "Override")

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