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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is a technology, extensively used by banks, which combines character recognition software with special ink and printed numbers and characters. When a document that contains this ink needs to be read, typically it will be passed through a machine (a cheque scanner) which magnetises the ink and then translates the magnetic information into numbers and characters.

Typically, numbers and characters found on the bottom of cheques will contain the cheque number, sort number and account number printed using Magnetic Ink. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing this information.

Main Menu Bar (see "Menu Bar")


Mandatory Fields

Data Fields which must be filled in.

Manually Assign Documents

(See also, "Drag and Drop")

The process of selecting documents in Indexing Studio’s Documents pane, either from the Unassigned folder or from a Data Definition (all displayed in the Workspace pane) and, by the use of the mouse, moving them to another Data Definition.

Manually Validating Documents (see "Validation")


Mask (see "Regular Expression")


Menu Bar

The 5 (five) Main Menu options displayed across the top left-hand side of Management Studio and the 4 (four) Main Menu options displayed across the top left-hand side of Searching Client.

Merging Documents (see "Combining and Splitting Documents")


MICR (see "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition")


Mini Toolbars

A selection of toolbars displayed in Indexing Studio's Index Fields and Documents' panes.

Minimum Criteria Requirement (see "Criteria Requirement")


Move To

Various options on Indexing Studio and Searching Client’s ‘Search Results Right-Click menu’ (or, when using the Navigation Toolbar, the Up, Down and Across arrows), used to select additional options which enable the user to navigate to different pages or sets of results.

Multiple Index Field Values

An Index Field with more than one value assigned to it.

This option is configured in Management Studio's Edit Data Definition window, by clearing the ‘Single Field Value’ tick-box and entering a value in the ‘Maximum number of values’ text box.

Multiple Index Sets

(See also, "Index Sets")

A Result Field with more than one index set.

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