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Definition, Description or Meaning

Hard Disk Drive - HDD (see "Disk Drive")


Header in Document (see "Hide Header")


Held Values

(See also, "Field Value can be Manually Overridden")

Held Values (in Indexing Studio) are used to set a Field Value for several documents, to the same value. Held Values can be used with Content Fields (as long as the ‘Field value can be manually overridden’ tick-box is selected) and non-Content Fields.

Help and ToolTip Text

Helpful text that is displayed when the mouse pointer is rolled over an Index Field, Custom Field or a Search Template.

Hide Header

An option in Management Studio's Data Definition Editor (in General Options, Document Boundaries, under Document Boundary Options) which, when selected, will hide all values on the first page of the document. (This is used to index documents with a header page which contains information you do not want to store.) When this option is used with the Boundary Identification Criteria, the first page of each document in a file will be hidden.

Hide/Show (see "Show/Hide")


Highlighting Search Results

(See also, "Style Sheet")

An option, available in Management Studio’s Style Sheet Editor, which enables users to customise the colours used to display various search results in Indexing Studio and Searching Client.

For example: users can change the colour of Index Fields which have been automatically extracted from a document.

Home Tab

A tab which is displayed on Indexing Studio's Ribbon display.

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