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Definition, Description or Meaning

C# Executor - Index Assistant

(See also, "Index Assistant")

An Index Assistant written in C# code.

C# Executor - Search Assistant

(See also, "Search Assistant")

A Search Assistant written in C# code.

Cascade (see "Held Values")


Case Sensitive (Searching)

A searching option (in Management Studio’s Search Template Editor) which, when selected, returns results that match the case of the entered search string.

Categories (see "Data Definition Categories")



The term 'click' or 'left-click' is used to indicate that you should press the primary mouse button, which is the button used for most operations. For right-handed users, this is the left mouse button.  Also, the term 'right-click' is used to indicate that you should press the secondary mouse button, which is the button used for auxiliary operations. For right-handed users, this is the right mouse button.


To shut down an application, dialog box, window, etc.

Collation Options

The choices available, when Importing or Scanning documents, to gather in sequence (the pages of a report, the sheets of a book, the pages of several sets of copies, etc.).

Colour Scheme

The ‘Popular, Presentation’ choice on the Options menu (selected from Indexing Studio’s Application menu or Management Studio and Searching Client’s Tools menu), to change the default DataStoreDSX colour display.

Combining and Splitting Documents

An option (in Indexing Studio, displayed by right- clicking on a document in the Documents Pane) to join or split some file types (for Example: PDF, TIFF, etc.) into larger or smaller files, respectively.

Combining Search Parameters

The process of adding Logical Operator functions together, to create an operator which performs a more complex function.

For example: Adding < (Less than) to = (Equals) to create the operator ( < = ) which will then search for values 'Less than or Equal to' a particular value.

Configurable Permissions Security Options (see "Permissions")



To set up various options and parameters, which have been designed to permit their modification.

Content Field

(See also, "Direct Input")

A data field, configured in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor, which is populated automatically, i.e. the creator or editor of the Data Definition has selected the data field’s ‘Values are extracted automatically (not externally provided)’ option.

Control Access (see "Access Control List")


Convert Leading Spaces to Zeros

The process of replacing spaces at the front of a string with zeros.


(See also, "Pre-conversion Configuration")

Any process or function which changes one or more items into one or more different items.


The process of duplicating Data, Fields, Templates, etc.

Core Purge Service Settings

Core Purge Service Settings is the area in Management Studio's Configuration section, where you can create and manage Purging schedules. These scheduled purges permanently remove (i.e. purge) logically deleted data items and other associated data from the DataStoreDSX database, hosted by the DataStoreDSX service.

Correcting Invalid Documents

The process of replacing invalid data with valid data. For example: removing a Date entry from a Currency Field and replacing it with a currency value.

Crawler (Full Text Indexing) (see "Full Text Indexing (Crawler)")


Criteria Requirement

An option, in Management Studio's Data Definition Editor, on the Resolver Settings tab. Criteria are used to select the appropriate Style Sheet, Overlay and/or Watermark to be used. For example, a Watermark can be added when a field is missing a value, or a Style Sheet and Overlay can be selected when a field has a specific value.

Custom Field Types

A user defined Field, for use in a Data Definition or a Search Template.

Custom Search Assistant Field

(See also, "Search Assistant")

A Search Assistant Field written by Mitratech Holdings, Inc’s developers which meets the customer's custom specification. For more information about Custom Search Assistant Fields and to discuss your Custom Search Assistant Field's requirements, contact:

Customise Views

The option to customise a Search Template's results view.


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