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Definition, Description or Meaning

Barcode Manager (Setup)

The area of Indexing Studio where (when scanning and or importing) barcode settings are added, edited and deleted.

Base Field Type

A default Field Type (i.e. Text, Currency, Whole Number and Date & Time.) upon which all other fields are based. If the field type does not have the correct type of data entered, its contents will be rejected as invalid. For example: a Date entry in a Currency Field.

Batch (Importing and Scanning)

The process of Importing and or Scanning documents, then sorting them into groups, according to pre-defined rules and behaviour previously set in Batch Criteria and Barcode Manager.

Batch Criteria (Setup)

The area in Indexing Studio where (when scanning and or importing) batch importation rules and behaviour are set. For example: the use of Job Separators and Automatic Rotation options.

Batch Settings

(Importing and Scanning)

The area under the Batches tab in Indexing Studio’s Importer window and under its Scanning tab, which holds the ‘Add, Edit, Delete and Set as Default’ batch setting options.

Blacking Out (see "Area Redaction")


Blank Document

A document without any content (created in Indexing Studio’s Documents pane), to which you can then add pages from other documents. Blank documents cannot be stored.

Blanking (see "Area Blanking")



(in Documents)

Document boundaries (which are defined by criteria set in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor) determine how to divide a large document into logical smaller documents.

Buttons and Icons

Graphics which can be selected, or clicked, to enable a particular action to be performed.

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