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Watched Folders Indexing

Watched Folders Indexing is the area in the tree view of Management Studio’s Indexing section (see “Watched Folders Indexing”) used for viewing, correcting errors in documents and retrying the importing and storing of documents which have failed indexing in Automated Indexing (See “Automated Indexing”).

Note: You must have Permission configured to allow you to perform Watched Folders Indexing. If you do not have permission, Indexing may not be displayed in the tree view. See “Users and Groups”  and “Permissions Inheritance” for more information.



The buttons and headings in the Watched Folders window are described in Table 128.

Table 128. Terminology: Watched Folders Window



Show only operations with errors

Removes all successfully indexed documents from the list.


Ensures the current view is up-to-date.

Currently Active Watched Folders


Pass or Fail indicated.

Base Folder

The path of the folder which contains the document files.

Watched Folder

The Name of the Watched Folder.

Error Count

The number of error files.

Data Definition

The name of the Data Definition the document files are indexed against.

File Pattern

The type of file (.docx, .txt, etc.)


View Watched Folder Document Errors

Opens the Watched Folder Errors window which displays the list of errors.

Open Data Definition

Opens the Data definition Editor's window associated with the failed document. (To enable errors to be corrected.)

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