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Content Full Text Searchable

Full Text Indexing enables a Searching Client user to view stored documents which contain the required word or phrase. The steps involved in being able to perform a search are listed here:

  1. Click on Data Definitions in the tree view, then right-click and select New. The Data Definition Editor is opened.
  2. Give the new Data Definition a name. On the General Details tab, enter a name for the Data Definition in the Name field.
  3. The ID is created automatically.
  4. Select the Store content for full text searching tick box if you require the documents which are stored using this Data Definition to be text searchable.
  5. Continue creating Index fields as required and then Save the Data Definition and Publish it, selecting Publish and create a new search template. (See “Publish” for more information on Publishing.)
  6. Select the newly created Search Template from the tree view, right-click it and select Edit.
  7. Create a New Field. Provide a name and configure the Field Type to be Content Full Text.
  8. Link the new field to the Content field in the Data Definition you have created. Save the Search Template.
  9. Configure the Full Text Indexing schedule. See “Full Text Indexing
  10. Use the Data Definition you have created to index and store some OCR, text, Microsoft Office® or Adobe PDF® documents.
  11. Allow enough time to pass for the Full Text Indexing schedule to complete indexing the stored documents.
  12. Open Searching Client and select the Search Template which contains the Content Full Text type search field. Enter the required word or phrase in the search field and click Start Search. If the word or phrase exists in one or more of the documents and the scheduler has had sufficient time to index the documents, you will see the document in the search results. The searched for words are highlighted in the following search results:
  • The document is a Word document stored with a Data Definition with the Storage Format set to Pageable MS Word (see General Properties – Storage Formatsfor more information).
  • The document is a PDF document.
  • The document is a text document.
  • The document is an Outlook message or an Outlook message attachment which is either a text document, a PDF document of a Word document and the message was stored with the Storage Format set to Pageable MS Word (see General Properties – Storage Formats” for more information).
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