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RTF Document Support

RTF documents can be indexed, stored and retrieved from DataStoreDSX but some operations (such as automatic indexing) are not supported. This chapter describes, for each of the DataStoreDSX applications, which features are supported and which are not.

Management Studio

Storage Formats in the Data Definition Editor does not support RTF documents. Therefore, RTF documents cannot be stored as PDF documents, nor can they be stored as Pageable Word documents. See “General Properties – Storage Formats” for more information on Storage Formats.

RTF documents cannot be imported using Automated Indexing in the tree view in Management Studio (see “Automated Indexing). Management Studio Watched Folders cannot be used to automatically index RTF documents or to convert RTF documents to PDF format (see “Automated Indexing Options).

Indexing Studio

RTF documents can be imported into Indexing Studio and can be indexed manually (that is, content fields are not supported in RTF documents). Watched Folders can also be used in Indexing Studio to import RTF documents. These documents must then be indexed manually before they can be stored.

Searching Client

When an RTF document is retrieved in Searching Client, it can be previewed, but it is displayed as a continuous document (with no page breaks). An RTF document can be checked out, downloaded, edited, uploaded and checked in, but the Check-out and Open option cannot be used.

Attachments cannot be added to RTF search results.

RTF documents can be exported and printed in the same way Word documents which have been stored without the Pageable Word option selected can be printed or exported (see “General Properties – Storage Formats” for more information on Storage Formats).

Style Sheets are not supported with RTF documents as, although sub-search and content full text searches will be returned, these results are not highlighted in RTF search results. As RTF documents are displayed as a continuous document (with no page breaks), page manipulation is not supported.

WebDAV Explorer View

RTF documents can be edited and saved as a new revision using the WebDAV explorer view (see “WebDAV File Explorer Configuration Example” for a description of an example configuration).

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