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Users and Groups

DataStore®DSX comprises Users, Groups and Roles to control access to DataStore®DSX functionality and security.

Users, Groups and Roles can be added, deleted, refreshed, edited, etc., through various menus and buttons.

This chapter describes the functionality once, in detail. Other menus and buttons provide links to additional detailed descriptions.


Note: Click on Groups, Roles or Users in the graphic above to go to the relevant topic.

Note: You must have Permissions configured to allow you to Manage Users & Groups. If your Permissions are not set to allow you to Manage Users & Groups, Users and Groups will not be displayed in the tree view. Permissions are discussed in this chapter and Inheritance is described in “Permissions Inheritance”.

Several Users, Groups or Roles can be selected (in the Available Users/Groups/Roles pane or any of the membership windows) using the mouse pointer.


  • To select a consecutive list: click on the first item, hold down the keyboard’s Shift key, then click on the last item.
  • To select a non-consecutive list: click on the first item, hold down the keyboard’s Ctrl key, then click on each additional item you require.

Items can be added to, or removed from a list (see the window above) by:

  • Double-clicking individual items.
  • Clicking the appropriate Add or Remove buttons.

To filter the displayed list of items, type part or all of the name into the filter text box.


Note: When using the Details view (see “View” ), the Display Name, Description, Source, Enabled and Licensed Applications fields are searched for the entered text. If, for a Group, Role or User, any of these fields contain the entered text, it will be displayed.

When using the tree view to search for a Group which is a member of two or more other Groups, it is possible to navigate between the results.


In the above example, the Group HR belongs to three groups. Use the up and down arrows to navigate between results.

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