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Validation Ribbon Buttons

Here's the explanation of Validation Ribbon Buttons.

When the Validation tab is selected, the Validation ribbon is displayed.



Validate Documents

Click on Validate Documents to check if the selected documents are ready to be stored.


If the document is valid, a tick is displayed next to the name and the document can be stored.

If the document fails validation, a cross is displayed next to the name and the document cannot be stored until the document passes validation. Use the Previous Error and Next Error buttons to see why the document failed validation. There are a number of reasons why a document fails validation, for example:

  • The document has no index field values at document or page level. 
    This message indicates the document has not been indexed. If the Data Definition uses Content fields to automatically extract index values from a text file, make sure the document contains the required information. If you are using Held Values, make sure the Held Values are populated by selecting a document and using the Cascade Values menu to populate the index fields.
  • The document 'document name' did not validate. 
    This message indicates that a value has been entered for an Index but the value did not meet the field’s validation criteria defined in the Data Definition. For example, if a field is defined as Currency, but text was entered as the field value, or if a field is defined as an integer in the range 1–100 but a value of 200 was entered, this message is displayed.
  • A value must be supplied for the index field field name’. 
    This message indicates the field ‘field name’ is a mandatory field (defined in the Data Definition) and a value must be provided for the index.

Previous Error

Click on Previous Error to see the previous error in the Validation Errors view.

Next Error

Click on Next Error to see the next error in the Validation Errors view.

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