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Sub-Search Example

In this chapter you will learn how to work with Sub Search Example function.

Sub-searching returns similar results to content full text searching. However, as it is a very processor-intensive type of search, it should be used for “one-off” searches only. If this type of search is required on a regular basis for a given Data Definition, content full text searching should be configured. See “Content Full Text Searchable” for the steps required to configure content full text searching for a Data Definition and associated Search Template.

Sub-searching can be performed when it has been enabled in the Search Template in Management Studio. See “Allow text sub search

When sub-searching is available, the sub-search text box is displayed. Enter a value in the sub- search text box and click Start Search.

  1. Perform a search as described in Search Example
  2. In the Sub-search text box, enter the text you want to search for.

Note: If this text box is not displayed then it is not available for the selected Search Template. To configure the Search Template for sub-searching, edit the Search Template and select the option Allow text sub search. (See “Allow text sub search)

  1. In this example, search for the word procedure.
  2. Click Start Search. Text matching the sub-search text is displayed in green. The current match is displayed in orange. These colours can be changed in the Style Sheet.
  3. Use the first/previous/next/last navigation buttons to step through the sub-search matches.
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