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Problems with Automated Indexing

In this chapter you will learn what happens to files which cannot be imported and Indexed via the Automated Indexing Watched Folder.

Files which cannot be imported and Indexed via the Automated Indexing Watched Folder are placed in a folder named .error watched folder.

For example, if the Watched Folder is named Automated Indexing Watched Folder, the error folder name is .error_Automated Indexing Watched Folder.

  • Within the .error_ directory, various files and directories can exist. The error directory contains the injection items from the .work_ directory at the point where a fault occurs.

Note: Most of the content of the .error_ directory is only relevant to someone investigating why the failure occurred. The one enduring piece of data that is held in the error directory is in the orig sub directory.

  • The data file is placed in the orig sub directory and can be re-processed simply by transferring it to the watched folder (or through the Watched Folders Indexing section, see “Watched Folders Indexing," below).

Note: This re-processing should only be done when the problem that caused the .error_ directory to be created has been fixed. This is the only item from the .error_ directory structure that needs to be preserved.

  • The copy directory comes from the .work_ directory processing where a copy of the original data file is taken.
  • The root of the error directory can contain files. These can be intermediate files that are generated during a pre-conversion process, prior to the fault that caused the error directory to be generated.
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