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Document Type Field – Use Specific Value

Here's the explaination of how to use specific value in Document Type Field.
  1. Expand the list of Search Templates in the tree view. Right-click on the Search Template you created at the same time you Published the Data Definition and select Edit from the right-click menu.
  2. Click on the Search Fields tab and click New Field on the Home ribbon.
  3. Enter a name for the search field (Document Type in this example).
  4. Click on Field type and select Document Type on the Base Field Types tab. Click OK.
  5. To link the Document Type search field to all Document Type Fields in all Data Definitions, select Automatic. However, in this example, the aim is simply to link the Document Type search field in this Search Template to the Document Type field in the corresponding Data Definition. Therefore, click Explicit, then select the corresponding Data Definition name and select Document Type. (If the Document Type field is not displayed when you select the appropriate Data Definition name, make sure either Show All Fields or Show Standard Fields is selected in the ribbon at the top of the window.)
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