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Create Groups

Learn how to create groups in Tree View.
  1. Create the Groups you need. Select Users and Groups in the tree view.
  2. Click on the New Group button.

Note: You must have Permissions configured to allow you to Manage Users & Groups. If your Permissions are not set to allow you to Manage Users & Groups, Users and Groups will not be displayed in the tree view.

  1. Enter the details on the General page.
  2. Enter a Name for the new Group. This field is mandatory – you will be unable to save the new Group until this field has been completed.
  3. Complete the Display name and Description fields if required.
  4. To configure explicit permissions for the Group, use the Permissions tab. Additionally, you may make the Group a member of other Groups and give the Group one or more Roles to inherit permissions that you have already set up, as in the example above.
  5. Select the Categories you want to allow and click the Allow button.
  6. Select the Categories you want to deny and click the Deny button. See Table 148, “Terminology: Group Permissions” for more information.
  7. If you want to change a setting from Allow or Deny back to No (not set), select the Category and then click the Inherit button.
  8. Repeat for all the Groups you want to create.
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