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Connecting to a Different Server

After finishing this illustrated guide, you will be able to connect to a different server.

Default Server Host Setting

Previously, the default Server host setting in the following files:

  • HitecLabs.DataStore.ManagementStudio.exe.config (Management Studio)
  • HitecLabs.DataStore.IndexingStudio.exe.config (Indexing Studio)
  • HitecLabs.DataStore.SearchingClient.exe.config (Searching Client)
  • HitecLabs.DataStore.ChequeDepositProcessing.exe.config (Cheque Deposit Processing)


    <setting name="CurrentSelectedServerHost" serializeAs="String">

Changing the Default Server Host Setting

To enable an administrator to edit the default server host settings (which will enable them to more easily set up a selection of servers) as required, change the default Server host settings to:

    <setting name="AvailableServerHosts" serializeAs="Xml">
            <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><string></string> <!-- i.e Backup@ -->

The above code will enable the administrator to offer users a choice of servers to connect to (when they first log-in) and also, if required, supply a server alias.


The following code will give users the option to connect one of the following servers when they first log-in:

  • Production
  • UTA
  • Test
  • Backup

    <setting name="AvailableServerHosts" serializeAs="Xml">
            <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">    

These options are only valid for Username, Password or Windows authentication.

When the changes in the above example have been made, as required, in the above mentioned files, you will be presented with the following options when you log-in to each application.


Select you required server and follow the standard Log-in and Change Password procedure. See “Log-in to Management Studio and Change Password” on page 7.


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