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Displaying High Quality PDFs

This chapter describes the settings which can be changed to increase the resolution of the displayed PDF and to change the way PDFs are loaded in Management Studio, Indexing Studio and Searching Client. These settings enable the administrator to optimise the way PDFs are displayed.

Setting the Load Method

Locate the file HitecLabs.DataStore.SearchingClient.exe.config.

Open the file and locate the lines:

<setting name="PdfDisplayLoadMethod" serializeAs="String">

  • PdfDisplayLoadMethod – determines how PDF pages are rendered.
    • 0 – a PDF will be rendered as an image (the default).
    • 1 – a PDF will be rendered to XPS, which provides a better quality display but at the cost of a longer load time (data dependent).
    • 2 – a PDF will initially be rendered as an image (for a quick response). In the background, the PDF page is re-rendered as XPS. When complete, the image is replaced with the XPS rendering.

If this setting is required for Management Studio or Indexing Studio, copy these lines to the appropriate section of the file HitecLabs.DataStore.IndexingStudio.exe.config or HitecLabs.DataStore.ManagementStudio.exe.config, as required.

Setting the DPI

Locate the file HitecLabs.DataStore.SearchingClient.exe.config, HitecLabs.DataStore.Indexing- Studio.exe.config or HitecLabs.DataStore.ManagementStudio.exe.config, as required.

Open the file and locate the lines:

<setting name="PdfRenderResolution" serializeAs="String">

  • PdfRenderResolution – determines the resolution at which PDF pages are rendered to images. It is only used for display only. Change the dpi value, as required.
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