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Set the Maximum Number of Search Tabs

Know the limit of maximum number of Search Tabs and whether you can lower it too.

The default maximum number of search tabs is 10. This can be set lower if Searching Client or Viewing Client is being run on machines which struggle to cope with this many search tabs, or it can be increased for high-powered machines.

The maximum value in set in the file HitecLabs.DataStore.SearchingClient.exe.config. Locate this file on the machine where Searching Client is installed.

Edit the file and locate these lines:

<setting name="MaxNumberOfTabs" serializeAs="String">

To reduce the value, replace 10 with the new value, 5 in this example:

<setting name="MaxNumberOfTabs" serializeAs="String">

Save the file. When any user starts Searching Client or Viewing Client, they will only be able to open the configured number of search tabs.

The value must be greater than 2 to be valid. If a value which is less than 2 is entered, or if a non-numeric value is entered, the default value of 10 is used.

The behaviour when the user attempts to open more than the maximum number of tabs is defined in the Searching Client Options window. See “Options” for more information.

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