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Indexing Studio Batch Fields

Batch Fields can be used in Indexing Studio to configure the same Index value for a batch Field in all the selected files. See “Batch Field Mapping” for information on how to configure Batch Fields.

By default, the Batch Fields menu option is not available in the Application’s menu. To make this option available, the file HitecLabs.DataStore.IndexingStudio.exe.config must be edited.

Locate the file HitecLabs.DataStore.IndexingStudio.exe.config and open it in Notepad (or a similar editor).

Search for UseBatchDocumentStorage and then set it to True:

<setting name="UseBatchDocumentStorage" serializeAs="String">

Next, search for AllowBatchFieldMapping and set it to True:

<setting name="AllowBatchFieldMapping" serializeAs="String">

When Indexing Studio is next run, the Batch Field Mapping option will be available in Indexing Studio’s Application’s menu.


UseBatchDocumentStorage can be used on its own. See “Advanced Settings for Storing Files” for more information.

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