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Corridor - Billing from Multiple Locations

Based on the “Vendor could not be found, no entity records match XX123” error message you received, although Tax ID #XX123 may exist in Corridor and in your invoice, the exact same number must exist for the firm in the client’s eCounsel database. Your client needs to verify that the number is entered EXACTLY the same (i.e., spaces, dashes, etc.)as it is in Corridor and on the invoice. Otherwise, the invoice will continue to be rejected.
Before importing invoices, vendors must have an entity record in the client’s eCounsel database that contains a valid Tax ID. If a vendor has more than one record in the client’s database, such as for branch offices, the Vendor ID or LF_ID field is used to differentiate these multiple offices. When an invoice is imported, the Tax ID is used to validate the vendor and if more than one instance of the Tax ID is found, eCounsel will also check the Vendor ID field to match the firm location to the record. If your firm will be submitting invoices from multiple locations, each location must be set up in eCounsel with a differentiating Entity Number. Then when submitting invoices, a LEDES XML 2000 file containing the LF_ID must be used to submit invoices, or Corridor Manual Invoice the Vendor ID field should be populated.

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