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User Information Worksheet

Provide the name and contact information for your users.


The Manager can add Read Only users, change passwords, and check the Corridor status of all invoices submitted by the firms.


Read Only User

This user can view the status of an invoice if the invoice number is known.



Sample Invitation Letter


[Partner Name]
[Firm Name]
[City, State  ZIP]


Dear [Partner Name],

[Client Company] is inviting [Firm Name] to begin submitting invoices in electronic format using Mitratech’s Corridor Website. With Corridor, you will have access to a secure, easy-to-use Website for submitting invoices and checking invoice status. The target date for your transition to electronic submission using Corridor is [month, year]. It is the request of [Client Company] that [Firm Name] stop paper and/or e-mail invoice submission and be submitting all invoices via the Corridor Website by this target date.

To expedite the changeover and obtain your login credentials, please enter your contact information on the enclosed Order Form for Corridor Services and return to [Client Company]. For questions regarding this form, contact the Mitratech eBilling Coordinator at 888-664-0005 or e-mail

In addition, when first logging on to Corridor, you must accept the Supplemental Terms for Corridor Services to use the Corridor Website. If your firm already uses Corridor, you will not need to accept the Supplemental Terms for Corridor Services again.

Send us a list of your timekeepers (TK), TK IDs, and negotiated rates for input into our matter management system.



[General Counsel Name]
[Client Company]

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