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Corridor Help for Client Implementation

Corridor Help for Client Implementation

Mitratech's Corridor is the optimum method for legal vendors to electronically submit invoices to their corporate clients. Mitratech's matter management applications integrate with Corridor to provide a comprehensive system for tracking activities and costs associated with legal matters. Together, Corridor and the eCounsel or LawManager matter management applications automate the entire life cycle of an invoice from submission through approval, payment, and legal spend analysis.

Legal vendors submit invoices in standard LEDES format to the secure Corridor Website or manually create an invoice using Corridor's manual submission entry method. eCounsel or LawManager retrieves the invoices, and then automatically audits and routes them for approval. The Corridor Website is updated as the invoice passes from review status to payment in eCounsel or LawManager.

  • bold font designates a button, menu, dialog box, or tab within Corridor.

  • An italic font designates a checkbox or option.

  • File paths and directories are formatted like this. For example: c:\My Documents.

  • Text that appears in italic within angled brackets (such as <Server>) is called a placeholder representing information you must supply.

  • References to keys on the keyboard are indicated in brackets, such as <CTRL>.



Getting Started

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Please visit our Corridor Help for Client Implementation here.

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