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Adjust Email Notifications

Step-by-step guide detailing how to adjust email notifications, as well as some available configurations within Collaborati.

Each individual user can choose to receive notifications about status changes for invoices, rates and budgets. Additionally, Admin users can choose to receive notifications about New Matters.  Emails from Collaborati regarding invoices, budgets and rates are sent from .

Note: For Users using our new Firm Structure, please refer to the "Editing Notifications for Users with a Firm Structure" guide.

Editing Notifications

1. Click “Notifications” on the top menu bar.

2. Click on the type of notifications that you would like to receive.

3. Save your notifications.

Notifications Page - Solo.png

Matter Notifications (Admin users only) - Select this checkbox to receive emails when associated matter records are created.

Important Note: You will receive an email for every new matter. It is best practice to turn this notification off until your client has completed their initial matter setup.

Email Notifications - Select which notifications you wish to receive based on various options regarding Client, Matter, Invoices/Budget Requests.  Notification settings cannot conflict with other notifications.

Collaborati generates a notification about the event and emails the notification to you. You can configure multiple notification criteria.


Examples for setting up notifications:

All notifications for all clients (including Matter notification)

Email Notifications Solo - Matters Notifications.png


All notifications for one client (not including Matter notification)

Solo Notifications - With Matters.png

Email Notifications Solo - Matters Notifications w Clients.png

Invoice notifications for one client and a specific matter (not including Matter notification)

Invoice Specific Client Notifications.png


Editing Notifications for Users with a Firm Structure

Users under the new Firm Structure can adjust their email notifications by each office included in their structure. 

Note: Each individual user will need to update their preferences 


Office and Client Notifications - Select this box to be notified anytime one of your offices is associated with a new client.

Matter Notifications - By electing to this option, you will receive emails anytime a matter is created for a specific office and client. Select which office and client combination you want notifications for with the dropdown menus for "Select Office" and "Select Client". You can also choose to receive email notifications for all matters created across all offices and clients by choosing "Any" in both dropdown menus.

Email NotificationsSelect which notifications you wish to receive based on options regarding Office, Client, Matter. Then, select what types of notifications you want for Invoices, Budget Requests, Tender Requests, and Rate Requests.

Note: Notification settings cannot conflict with other notifications.

Examples for setting up notifications:

Notifications for all Offices, Clients, and Matters:

All Notifications.png


All Notifications for One Office (Including Matters):

Office Notifications.png


Notifications for One Office with a Specific Client and Matter:

Specific Office, Client, and Matter.png