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Filter Client Matters

Search for matters by name, number, primary attorney, client or internal matter name using the Search Filter field at the top of a client's matters list.

You can search by one or more of the following fields in the Search Filters table:

  • Matter Name - Enter the matter name, if known.
  • Matter Number - Enter the matter number, if known.
  • Internal Matter Name - Enter the internal matter name for which you are searching, if known.
  • Internal Matter Number - Enter the internal matter number for which you are searching, if known.
  • Primary Attorney - Enter the name of the Primary Attorney assigned to the matter, if known.
  • Client - Select the client's name for the matter for which you are searching, if known.
  • Search for Unassigned Primary Attorney - Click this box to search for matters without a Primary Attorney.

Click Search. A list of matters that match your search criteria appear in the Matters table.

Search Matters

Control how you view a client's list of matters by selecting which fields you would like to see in the table by clicking the Column Visibility button located under the Search Filters.

Matter Column Visibility Options
  1. Click the button once to remove the column.
  2. Click the button again to restore it.
  3. To restore the original, select Default View. Some columns may be hidden by default.
  4. Click Done to return to the main screen.

To control the position of each column, click the header of the column and drag your mouse to the left or right. The column name hovers under your mouse as you move, and a blue bar indicates where it will appear once dropped.

Sort the columns alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the column_filter_icon icon in the column header.

Moving the Internal Matter Name Column
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