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Associate a Primary Attorney for a Matter

A firm's primary attorney can be added to matters for the purpose of searching and cross-referencing. This information is in addition to the client's matter name and number, not a replacement, and does not have to be visible to your client or synced to their servers.

Since the primary attorney will be a timekeeper on the matter, that person should be listed as a timekeeper in Collaborati. Only active timekeepers can be assigned. If the primary attorney is not listed as a timekeeper in Collaborati, you will not see their name in the Primary Attorney drop-down list, and attempting to enter their name causes the matter data to revert back to the previous primary attorney.

  1. Select the Matters tab from anywhere in the Collaborati application.
    The Matters screen opens with a list of client-authorized matter records.
  2. Select an office.
  3. Select a matter record.
  4. Click Edit on the right side of the screen under Primary Attorney.
  5. Type the primary attorney's name; the system automatically attempts to match the attorney with an existing profile and may offer a list of names from which you can choose.
  6. Click Save.

Associate Primary Attorny.JPG

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