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Copy and Edit an Invoice

Step-by-step article detailing how to copy and edit invoices within Collaborati and includes helpful screenshots

When you receive an invoice that has been rejected by your client, you can make changes to the invoice without having to create the invoice from the beginning. You can create a copy of the invoice and make modifications as required. The process to make a copy of an invoice is quite simple.

  1. From the "Invoices" top menu bar, click on Track Invoices and select the rejected invoice. Once the invoice opens into a preview form, you will see an option to “Copy Invoice”. Click on the “Copy Invoice” link. COLL-COPY Invoice0.JPG

2. Once the copy gets created you will see it under Track Invoices as “123TestCopy(1)” (invoice number). At this point you can delete the old invoice (Sample           Invoice). Open the copied invoice by clicking on the invoice number (123Test Copy(1)).

3. Once the copied invoice opens in a preview screen, you will see tabs on the top right side, and links on the right side of the preview that will allow you to edit the            Header, Line Items, Discounts and Taxes, and Attachments.



4. In order to maintain the original invoice number, remove the word “Copy(1)” from the invoice number. You can edit the invoice number under “Edit Header". 


5. Once you have made the edit to the invoice number, click “Save Changes".

6. Click on “Line Items” link at the top or the “Edit Line Items” link on the bottom right. 


Click the pencil on the right side of the line item to Edit the line item. Your line will appear in the fields above, where you can add your Line Item Description and then click “OK”. Then you should click “Done”.

At this point you can delete the old invoice (Sample Invoice) or you can leave it in the system as rejected.

Note: Make any ATTACHMENTS before submitting the invoice.

Once the invoice changes are edited and saved, you will be able to “Submit to Client” or “Submit Later”.


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