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Sample Billing Guideline Topics

Common topics, solutions and guidelines to include in Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines.

Sample Invoice Requirements:

  1. The invoice number cannot exceed 10 characters. Invoice numbers exceeding 10 characters will cause the file to fail.
  2. The invoice number cannot contain any spaces, special characters such as hyphens, ampersands, etc. (/, -, ;, &, #). The invoice number must be alphanumeric (containing letters, numbers or both).
  3. Each fee line item must have a UTBMS task code assigned. The UTBMS codes sets allowed are: Litigation, Counseling and Projects.
  4. Each expense line item must have a UTBMS expense code assigned.
  5. All line items must have a LINE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION provided.
  6. The BILLING_ START_DATE must be provided. This should be the first day of the billing period.
  7. The BILLING_END_DATE must be provided. This should be the last day of the billing period.
  8. The LINE_ITEM_DATE should fall between the BILLING_ START_DATE and the BILLING_END_DATE.
  9. The INVOICE_DATE should not be older than 90 days from the date of invoice submission.
  10. The INVOICE_DATE cannot be greater than the date of submission.
  11. All fee items must have a TIMEKEEPER_ID provided.


Sample Rate Requests Requirements (only if Rate Collaboration is enabled):


Rates must be submitted using the Rate Request in Collaborati after the timekeepers are authorized in by <CLIENT NAME>. Rates are entered separately for each timekeeper.

Select Timekeeper Rate

Type: Timekeeper Rate

Start and End Dates are Required.

The Note should specify the Classification of the timekeeper (Partner, Associate, Legal Assistant).


Sample Solutions to common invoice rejection reasons:


This invoice was rejected for Multi-matter invoices are not accepted.

  • Multimatter invoices are not accepted. The invoice must only list one matter on each of the line items.


Invoice cannot be accepted as past due.

  • Invoices cannot be accepted with an invoice date of older than 90 days from the date of invoice submission.


This invoice was rejected for Line item is missing Timekeeper information

  • This rejection is caused when you choose the Item Type: Total Fees. When you create your line items, use the Item Type: Fee or Exp.


Firm has exhausted the approved budget. Please resubmit after receiving approval for updated budget.

  • Please revise your matter budget using the budget request form in Collaborati.
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