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Collaborati - INTERNAL: Null or System Error

Usually this indicates a technical error occurred during the time that the invoice was retrieved by the client's system.  The client's system did not know how to process the invoice and thus it was rejected.  It is difficult to find information from the Collaborati side to indicate the reason behind the error.  

A meeting with the client and vendor may be needed to investigate.  This can be coordinated by Support if the client and vendor are willing.

During the meeting, these steps should take place.

  • Client can clear the CSM logs (optional) 
  • Client should turn the Integration/Rule logger** to DEBUG in TeamConnect
  • Then the vendor should submit the invoice in Collaborati. 
  • Once the invoice status is showing as Rejected in Collaborati, the client should restore the Integration/Rule logger** to the previous status in TeamConnect. 
  • Client should review the CSM logs (or the client can send the logs to Mitratech)

**Note: If client is using CSM 7.1 or higher, set the Integration logger to DEBUG.  If client is using a version prior to CSM 7.1, set the Rule logger to DEBUG.

Collaborati Support can ask TeamConnect Support to review the logs. 

If TeamConnect Support needs assistance, they can open a ticket with Engineering.

Use the following process:

Ask the vendor for a PDF of the rejected invoice.

Reach out to the client directly. 

We have been contacted by NAME from VENDOR.  It seems there was an error in TeamConnect when the vendor submitted their invoice.  We would like your assistance to investigate.  Let us know if you are available for a meeting with TeamConnect Support to investigate. 

If the Client Billing Contact is a single person, address that person in the Greeting.  If the client Billing Contact has a group email, address the group, such as CNA team or Apple Legal Billing Help. 

Replace the words in all CAPITAL letters with the correct information.  For example:

Hello Kathleen,  We have been contacted by Michelle from Dentons. 

If the Client uses eCounsel or another system, replace the words TeamConnect with the correct name.  Check the Client Profile page in Collaborati to see which system they use.  The Client Type field on the right side of the page will show which system they use: 

CSM (TeamConnect)/Lawtrac/eCounsel/LawManager

Transfer the case:

Once the client replies, the Case Owner should be changed to the appropriate support team's queue.

  • If the case is for a TeamConnect client, transfer the case to TeamConnect Queue, so that the case can be assigned to a TeamConnect Support Engineer.
  • If the case is for an eCounsel client, transfer the case to eCounsel/Secretariat Queue, so that the case can be assigned to an eCounsel Support Engineer.
  • If the case is for a Lawtrac client, transfer the case to Lawtrac Queue, so that the case can be assigned to Lawtrac Support Engineer.
  • If the case is for a LawManager client, transfer the case to LawManager Queue, so that the case can be assigned to a LawManager Engineer.

Include a Case Comment with the invoice rejection comment and the date/time the invoice was rejected (find this in the History). Add another Case Comment with the following instructions: The other Support team should review the logs from the date/time stamp in the History OR if the logs are not available from the date/time of the invoice rejection, the other Support team and Collaborati Support should work with the client and vendor to resubmit the invoice to capture the logs.

Be available to work with the other Support team regarding questions about Collaborati.