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OLDMitratech Response to COVID-19

updated 3/19/2020

Mitratech has a cross-functional pandemic response team who is meeting frequently and is monitoring the coronavirus situation. The pandemic response plan includes succession plans for key functions, outlines for continuing business in the event of office closures, and the reconstitution of normal business activities once the pandemic subsides. Mitratech has developed pandemic risk communications procedures for communicating with all internal and external stakeholders.  Key people, premises, processes, and providers needed to support essential functions during a pandemic outbreak have been identified.

Mitratech has support teams in multiple countries. If an outbreak heavily hits one county, Mitratech can move the support burden to support teams in other countries. Mitratech also has equipped its employees for working remotely; in fact, Mitratech already has a robust work-from-home setup for existing staff absent a pandemic response. If offices are temporarily closed, business can continue from home offices or other alternative worksites.


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